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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Loiee - SELAIYUR - Camp Road

Loiee is managed by second generation entrepreneurs consisting of Shri Sanjay Aggarwal, Tappan Aggarwal, Amit Aggarwal and Manish Aggarwal. This young & dynamic team, values customer feedback, believes in innovation and swears by ethical practices. They have successfully upgraded the brand from Sree Gupta Bhavan to Loiee and in the process they have infused the great values into the brand. All set for a massive expansion, this team has the right aptitude and drive to take on the challenges posed by growth! Vision & Mission VELACHERY MAIN ROAD, CAMP ROAD JUNCTION, Phone : 044-22270063

One thing that is missing clearly is the vibrance. Clearly missing! The Restaurant Hand Wash, Toilets and Floors are not clean at all.

Hand Wash is pathetic for Elders. You need to climb a Step to wash your hands. I am not sure which Idiot has designed this


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  1. The food is very expensive. I tried the tandoori side dish which is Rs 190(worth not more than Rs 70) and the quantity is also very less. These people loot your money. Our law is also very poor. They do not restrict the price list of foods for restaurants.


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