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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sunrise in Tambaram - Terrace Sunbath

subhiksha camp road selaiyur

Computer Service Centres in Tambaram

Deepikha enterprises - Selaiyur is opposite to Pace Adarsa and they do home service

Biharis in Tambaram

The recent encounter has damaged the image of Biharis in Tambaram. The Biharis though rough are always kind hearted.

They have good ethics when

it comes to respect the elders

Plea for Bus Shelters in Velachery Main Road - Convent, Sembakkam

There are no Bus Shelters in Velachery Main Road - Convent Bus Stop - Selaiyur, Sembakkam etc

These stops are used by thousands of school children. They have to be under hot sun (summer has already started) for hours to catch the bus.

None of the buses stop here in afternoon during the school time as the conductors don't want the 'Free Pass' passengers to occupy the seats and reduce their 'daily bata'

Exhorbitant Taxi Fare - Airport Fasttrack Cabs

Manmohan Singh went for Globalization to make the market competitive and benefit the consumers.

In this era you have a call taxi operator - Fasttrack who charge Rs 500/- for a five kilometer ride from the airport as Pre-paid taxi. Can Jayalalithaa counter (not encounter) them...

Industrial Grinders, Vessels in Tambaram/Selaiyur

Vijay Agencies Selaiyur has all the Industrial Grinders for Hotels, Large Size Idly cookers, Vessels etc
It is next

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