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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Non-Vegetarian Brahmins of Tamil Nadu / TASMAC Brahmins of Tamil Nadu

First Egg, Then Chicken, Now Booze ... Where are the Tamil Brahmins Heading?

Whether one accepts the Varna system or not; one doesn't deny that chanting of Vedas, Mantras and Hymns bring good to earth . Brahmins (or Brahma kula vidyadagar) are the ones who chant Vedas, Mantras etc with vigor and rigor

This has been continued for ages - the Brahmins were ministers, Kula Gurus (Samarta Ramadas - for Chatrapathi Shivaji) etc.

What was supposed to be an unshaken resolve (of not having Meat, Alcohol) even during the British Rule (remember the Vow Gandhi gave to his mother) is now shaken. The Globalization and the western cultural impact brought in by IT/ITES and BPO companies are turning many young brahmins towards alchohol and non-vegetarianism

KFC - the renowed Chicken restaurant opened up in Mylapore - a Brahmin dominated area and found their sales go north .. thanks to Meat eating Brahmins.

Brahmin children visit Bars often. This needs to be stopped! If there needs to be rain, if there needs to be Dharma .. then Brahmins should be Brahmins!

 How .. Have your say!

Typical Madurai Non-Veg Restaurant in Selaiyur


  1. Excellent article. I am a Brahmin and in US for more than a decade (of course whenever Visa expires I come back for an YEar). I have never touched alcohol, never ate Beef. It's the self control. I do Sandhya @ 4:00 am .. I need to be there in Office @ 6:30 am. It is tough in US to be a non-drinker when you have lot of parties. The

  2. Americans never forced me to Drink. they were happy to have a Tee-totaller with them, but my Indian supervisors (sorry to say .. it includes a Tamil Brahmin from Ortodox familu) were forcing me to drink. They told me that if I can't booze, I can;t socialize.. supidity. anyhow with the Lords grace I am still in US

  3. Seraphine Anita29 April 2013 at 01:57

    What's wrong in Brahmin eating meat. I have trained my brahmin fried to cook chicken at home (somehow she coudt get cooking fish). She is now happy serving chicken @ home, she misses that when her inlaws come. But definitley next generation brahmins are cool ...

  4. I like your verity of non veg and fast food items.All facilities available. thanks for sharing the post.Select citi provides more information about Party hall, Reception hall and Restaurants in chennai.

  5. Things change - and *CHANGE ALONE IS CONSTANT*.
    Yes, in the past brahmins were not used to eating meat or drinking alcohol (And my family & I continue this tradition till date). But, given that things change - this will also change. I already know of few brahmin friends that drink & eat meat (even beef - one of them).
    But, I'm getting in touch with a lot of Westerners - mainly in California - who are VEGANS. They don't eat meat - not even chicken, eggs. Heck - they don't even consume milk. So, things change.
    If the brahmins start following Western culture and eat beef, pork, bacon - then some Westerners have started going in the reverse direction and become VEGAN. Irrespective of who eats what & drinks what - the one REAL ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS:
    Aham Brahmasmi, Tat Tvam Asi

    1. Appreciate your bold reply MN. Change is more swift and the inferior complex of Indians are well known. The Brahmins have withstood alien invasion, Islamic invasion and dravidian lunatics. But the westernization has caused a dent . If everyone goes after money and cozy lifestyle, why not Brahmans. Though at a big cost

  6. Well I question what good chanting the Vedas does for the earth. Better chant A B C's or the 6 times table

    Lots of Brahmin communities have traditionally consumed meat of different kinds. Vedic Brahmins consumed beef. Bengali Brahmins consume fish and chicken, western side Brahmins/ Goa/Maharashtra will consume sea food of all kinds.

    As for Brahmin men consuming alcohol, I suggest to you the cartoons of Sirithiran, long before IT and western influence Brahmin men were drinking kallu in the fields.


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