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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Non-Vegetarian Brahmins of Tamil Nadu / TASMAC Brahmins of Tamil Nadu

First Egg, Then Chicken, Now Booze ... Where are the Tamil Brahmins Heading?

Whether one accepts the Varna system or not; one doesn't deny that chanting of Vedas, Mantras and Hymns bring good to earth . Brahmins (or Brahma kula vidyadagar) are the ones who chant Vedas, Mantras etc with vigor and rigor

This has been continued for ages - the Brahmins were ministers, Kula Gurus (Samarta Ramadas - for Chatrapathi Shivaji) etc.

What was supposed to be an unshaken resolve (of not having Meat, Alcohol) even during the British Rule (remember the Vow Gandhi gave to his mother) is now shaken. The Globalization and the western cultural impact brought in by IT/ITES and BPO companies are turning many young brahmins towards alchohol and non-vegetarianism

KFC - the renowed Chicken restaurant opened up in Mylapore - a Brahmin dominated area and found their sales go north .. thanks to Meat eating Brahmins.

Brahmin children visit Bars often. This needs to be stopped! If there needs to be rain, if there needs to be Dharma .. then Brahmins should be Brahmins!

 How .. Have your say!

Typical Madurai Non-Veg Restaurant in Selaiyur

Where is Selaiyur Bus Stop - Landmark Ibaco

How to go to Selaiyur Bus Stop

Selaiyur is a big area .. There are three to four bus stops. They are (in order when coming from Tambaram)

  • Convent Bus Stop
  • Adhi Nagar Bus Stop (Maatram
  • Selaiyur - ICICI Bank Bus Stop (Landmark IBACO and ICICI Bank)
  • Camp Road

Friday, 26 April 2013

Shri Vinayagar Temple - Tambaram Railway Station

Sarabeshwar Temple near Selaiyur, Tambaram

Madambakkam Shiva Temple - A peaceful place near Tambaram
Away from the hustle and bustle of Tambaram and Camp Road you have this place +Madambakkam. The beauty of this temple is that every column needs to be carefully looked at.
Panchamuga Anjaneya (Hanuman) adores a column, Another column has Sarabeshwara and Narasimha. Another has Narthana Vinayaga
The temple has a placid pond near by.
Visit this temple. Take your family. Get some Jasmine flowers for Lord Shiva and Arali Flowers for the Lordess
The Prahara has Valampuri Vinayaga, Ganesh, Varadharaja PErumal, Kapileshwar and Annapornai. Valli-Deivanai Samedha Subramaniyar (Sri Arunagirinathar has sung about this place) , Durga, Bhairavar and Surya and Navargaha
This place was named as Madayambathi before getting ths name. Jai Shivoham! Om Shivoham! Om Shakthi!

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