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Monday, 8 August 2011

Pace Adarsa - Selaiyur / Jains Abhishek - Selaiyur

Pace Adarsa is a 400 flat complex near Selaiyur. It is exactly opposite to Selaiyur CSC Computer Centre

Many don't know the apartment by name- Either ask for Jains Abhishek or ICICI Bank, Selaiyur

Abirami Mahal - Selaiyur / Abirami Kalyana Mandapam - Selaiyur

Abirami Mahal - Selaiyur / Abirami Kalyana Mandapam - Selaiyur is on the main road, close to Selaiyur Police Station (this is the land mark).

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Singaperumal Koil Narasimha Temple - Video

Sri Nrisimha Stuti and Sri Nrisimha Mangalam (Sri Narasimha Stuti and Sri Narasimha Mangalam) are part of this video

How to goto Singaperumal Koil (SP Koil) Narasimha Temple

Singaperumal Koil or SP Koil is a small village situated 45 kilometers south of Chennai on Chennai-Kanyakumari national highway.

It is 17 kilometers from Tambaram and very much accessible by Road, Rail and even Air (23 kilometers) from Airport

Narasimha here is Ugra Narasimha - the one who killed Hiranyakashipu slitting his heart . Hence the Narasimha here has three eyes. The Third eye is covered with Thiruman - Namam and the priest shows this during Aarti
The best way to go to this temple from Chennai is by MRTS Train . The stop is Singaperumal Koil and it takes more than an hour from Chennai

Legend has it that Jabali Maharishi did a penace here to get darshan of Sri Narashima. The temple is a cave temple and the praharam is a series of steps around the temple

Girivalam (circumambulation ) this hill is good for the well-being


There is also a tree in the praharam mentioned as Angolam tree or Azhinghal tree which according to Andal relieves Childless couples and unmarried youth.

Whoever has a wish should take a strand from their cloth and tie it to tree and apply turmeric (Haldi / Manjal) and their wishes will be fulfilled

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