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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Chidambaram - Heaven on Earth - Some Facts

Thiruchitrambalam ! Sivagami - Nataraja's Abode on Earth - Chidambaram

This place is five hours drive from Chennai and is very accessible through rail, road and public transports

Here are some interesting facts about Chidambaram

  • First of Shiva Temples throughout the world 
  • A dense forest full of Thillai trees - hence Thillaivanam
  • Pancha Bootha Sthalam - represents Sky / Space
  • First of Pancha Sabhai - Nataraja Sthalam - Gold Sabhai / Kanaga Sabhai
  • Next to the Kanga Sabhai is a small room with Golden Vilva Garland - the empty space is believed to be Akash / Sky / Space
  • All Siva Agamams finally come down to Chidambaram - hence the temple closes @ 10:30 pm. No further worship in temples / homes performed after that
  • Appar, Sundarar, TiruGnana Sambandar and Manikavaskagar came through four different entrances and worshipped Lord Shiva
  • Four directions of Chidambaram guarded by four Kali - East Mariamman, West - Ellai Amman, North - Thillai Kali, South Vellan Thangi Amman
  • Thiruneela Kanda Nayanar (Illamaiyakinar) temple is west of Chidambaram. One will be ever youth on visiting this temple
  • Lord Nataraja is tilted towards left - where the heart is
  • Soundarya Nayagi sameda AnandEashwar temple on west of Chidambaram is worshipped by St Pathanjali 
  • This is the place where St Nandanar attained mukthi in Jothi swarupam
  • Nambi Andar Nambi found 'Thirumurai' in Chidambaram
  • Arulmigu Sargunambal sameda Pasu Pathi Eashwarar temple, Tiruvetkalam has Lord Shiva with Bow and Arrow. The would made by Arjuna is still visible

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