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Monday, 31 December 2012

Best Place to Buy Inverter in East Tambaram / Selaiyur

Power Cuts are a norm in Tamil Nadu (and India ). If you are living in Chennai you are better off - a Power cut for 2 hours. This might go up in coming months as summer sets in. If you are planning to buy an Inverter, please feel free to contact Electrical Consultant Mr Prabhu +918883484639 +919092692922 An approximate cost of Inverter (MicroTek) + Battery (Exide) + Stand (Please see the Pic Below) based on your home capacity (No of Fans, Lights etc)


  1. Thanks for this post; Battery is the only source that assists to prevent us from the power demanding time, so choice of your battery should give at least minimum power consumption so better to buy your batteries from the battery authorized dealers
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  2. Relicell Inverter batteries are specially designed to encapsulate the plates with gel electrolyte to prevent shedding.
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