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Friday, 6 July 2012

Thirupanjali - Thirupaigneeli - Yama temple Trichy

Thirupanjali - Thirupaigneeli - Shiva temple Trichy This temple is famous for the 'cute' Shiva. One has to get down nine steps to enter the temple .. these nine steps are Navagrahas and there is no other Navagraha in this temple. The temple also houses a separate shrine for Yama. This temple is 30 mins travel from Srirangam .. If you visit the Yama temple (first to be visited), you need to bath / wash your hands and feet with water before worshipping Gneelivana Nathar


  1. Thankx for Temple information


  2. I had been bleassed with Gneelavaneswarar Swami since I had opportunity to be thereyesterday 25th Jan 2017 which was Pradosham . Yama Maharaja Sannidhi closes at 5 pm but we went at 5.30 in a freak entry . Blesssing are required Om Namah shivaya


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