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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How to goto Singaperumal Koil (SP Koil) Narasimha Temple

Singaperumal Koil or SP Koil is a small village situated 45 kilometers south of Chennai on Chennai-Kanyakumari national highway.

It is 17 kilometers from Tambaram and very much accessible by Road, Rail and even Air (23 kilometers) from Airport

Narasimha here is Ugra Narasimha - the one who killed Hiranyakashipu slitting his heart . Hence the Narasimha here has three eyes. The Third eye is covered with Thiruman - Namam and the priest shows this during Aarti
The best way to go to this temple from Chennai is by MRTS Train . The stop is Singaperumal Koil and it takes more than an hour from Chennai

Legend has it that Jabali Maharishi did a penace here to get darshan of Sri Narashima. The temple is a cave temple and the praharam is a series of steps around the temple

Girivalam (circumambulation ) this hill is good for the well-being


There is also a tree in the praharam mentioned as Angolam tree or Azhinghal tree which according to Andal relieves Childless couples and unmarried youth.

Whoever has a wish should take a strand from their cloth and tie it to tree and apply turmeric (Haldi / Manjal) and their wishes will be fulfilled

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